Why Kyla Camille?

Choose clean scented candles that are safe to be around your family & pets

  • All materials sourced in the US, from other small businesses where possible. Clean scented, phthalate free and non-toxic. Natural coconut soy base. Eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood. 

I love your candles so much. It helps me relax after a long day at work.

ntxawm319, Instagram

I picked up grapefruit and mangosteen a few weeks ago when you were at the Ferry Building. It’s been sitting on my dresser with the lid off, haven’t had a chance to burn it yet, but it’s filling the whole room! I can’t believe how strong (and wonderful) it smells before even lighting it!

kdenton101, Instagram

What's NOT to love about Kyla Camille? The scents are all clean and smell amazing. The wood wick creates this beautiful background sound, the candle's aesthetic fits my home perfectly! Emma puts so much care into her product and her customer experience. Such an easy and fantastic process that I would absolutely recommend!!

Anika Murarka, Fremont CA

I am a firm believer of supporting small businesses, and this candle businesses one does not disappoint! The website is easy to navigate and the description of the scent of each candle is super helpful.

The candles smell absolutely phenomenal. I lit the gingerbread candle on Thanksgiving and it had my entire first and second floor of my house smelling absolutely amazing! Given I had it lit all day it burned so slowly I was shocked. Not only that but I noticed that the wick crackles similar to a small lit fire. These candles do not disappoint, dont hesitate on buying, I highly recommend! 

Zoraida Washington, Cranbury, NJ

KylaCamille’s candles are my absolute favorite. They smell incredible, and you can find scents that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ll be honest sometimes I just grab the candle and smell it without burning it.

Vivian Wang, San Jose CA

I don't know ho two explain it, but this scent (After the Rain) literally surrounds you and feels therapeutic, feel like you're meditating without trying! smells so crisp and refreshing

Joy Regaspi, Irvine CA

These are by far the cleanest burning, beautifully scented candles I've found and the crackle is so cozy. Made locally and no tunneling or smoke, ever

Bonniebonns, Instagram

I'm currently burning cashmere, and it smells good! It's actually one I can smell throughout my house!

I simply love the candles! All the love, thought, care, and quality of ingredients that go into each and every candle is exceptional! Ordering is a breeze, and the way each order is carefully packaged is pure love! My favorite part of opening my order is unwrapping it and smelling all the scents! Imagine getting a bouquet of flowers, but in the form of candles! Do yourself a favor, support this business, and treat yourself to one of the numerous scented candles. You will not be disappointed!

Tisha Rodriguez, San Jose, CA

Omg I opened my package as soon as I pulled it out of my hub today and IT SMELLED GLORIOUS the moment I opened it! Seriously, you packed these up so nicely yet in a recyclable way (it was nice having an order come in with nothing broken for once!). Everything smells incredible! The Boba Tea and Watermelon Lemonade legit made us drool 😂

@stathenacreates, Instagram